ISA Certified Tree Evaluations

Evaluations by ISA Certified Arborists

An Arborist is an individual who specializes in the preservation and care of trees. Arborists are highly trained and very knowledgeable in the science and art of properly taking care of trees. You should never hire a tree service in haste, but rather take time to really see if he or she is completely qualified for a job. Proper tree care is an investment that can either add value or literally destroy it. An improperly pruned tree can be an eye sore or more importantly can pose a real threat to life and property. Removing and Pruning trees, especially large trees, is very dangerous work. Make sure any tree company has workers compensation insurance as well as General Liability Insurance. If you dont you may end up with a much higher bill than you ever imagined. Tree work should only be done by individuals who have been properly trained and have the right equipment to do so. A qualified tree service will always be compliant to government standards of safety

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