Crane Assisted Difficult Tree Removal

Tree Removal

Trees are removed for a number of reasons. The most common reasons are because the tree is either dead, dying, or hazardous. Sometimes a tree maybe removed due to interference to construction or buildings. Before a tree is removed due to fatality please have your tree looked at by a certified arborist. An Arborist can help determine whether or not the tree really needs to be removed. There may be another less expensive treatment option that would preserve the tree and save you money. There are three main ways that Richmond Tree Experts removes trees. The first method of tree removal includes the use of a crane. The main advantage to using a crane is ability to spare your property from damage by heavy foot traffic or use of a skid steer machine that may leave ruts in your yard or kill your grass. The second is the ability to get the debris to a safe area to cut it up and haul it off. The second method of tree removal is the use of a bucket truck. This allows the climber to be in a safe position when making cuts and avoid tying into a dead tree top. This may also be used with a crane to greatly improve safety. The last method of removal is traditional climbing. This method is used when access by bucket truck is not practicle. Our climbers are highly experienced and extremely safe. Rafael "Gill" Flores (pictured above) has been climbing for 20 years! For more information about tree removal or to see which method of tree removal may be best for your property, please call or email one our Certified Arborists today.

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